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Our Executive Committee determines the company’s strategic direction and oversees the broad scope of our operations. Our Portfolio Management team is headed by our Chief Investment Officer, led by Mr. Paulus Saichild. Investment decision-making at Saichild Financial Holdings Limited, however, is very much a team effort, one that draws upon the skills and insights of our portfolio managers and analysts around Asia.

Eddie SMH

Managing Director

“The future is uncertain, we focus on making the most of it. 
Our approach to asset allocation and diversification is based on one simple insight. No one asset class or style always outperforms. No single manager is great at everything. This insight informs our diversified approach. Our expertise extends well beyond traditional stocks and bonds, with extensive expertise in non-traditional asset classes including infrastructure and private equity. We draw on this expertise to design an asset allocation, stress-testing across various possible scenarios to help ensure it offers the highest likelihood of reaching your goals.”

Wonho YOON
Senior Director

Private Equity

“When uncertainty strikes, we're ready. 
A portfolio that can't respond rapidly to new information is exposed to additional risk. We have the ability to respond quickly and insightfully. With professionals in every major timezone, we monitor investment markets day and night. When it's time to act, our internal trading desk can implement trades around the clock - potentially protecting portfolios before local operations start their day.”

James LEE

Strategic Capital Markets

“Responsible investing is intelligent investing.
Whether you’re driven by personal or stakeholder values, risk mitigation or regulatory compliance - responsible investing matters. Embedded throughout our investment approach, a sound awareness of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors helps us deliver on your long-term objectives. Meeting our client goals is the true measure of our success. We seek to combine our expertise within a risk-focused environment as we work towards delivering intended outcomes for clients.”

Jisu Na


Real Assets

"We believe that a strong culture of compliance goes beyond adhering to rules and regulations and must permeate everything we do. To further this goal, we inculcate compliance and ethics into business practices and workflow in order to set the foundation and expectations across our organization."

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